“SUMMER SERIES” Group Photography Exhibition


Photograph by Jude Cohen - "Making Waves".

Clare Gallery’s inaugural Summer Series harnesses the optimism of the season and features the work of Raex Murillo - Theo Smallbone - Jordan Abram- Ari Pashalis - Jude Cohen 

(Sydney, Australia) – ‘Summer Series’ is the inaugural group exhibition from a group of accomplished Sydney photographers, who have together curated a series of works, Summer Series, that aim to reframe 2020’s narrative: giving viewers a chance to appreciate where they are, where theyve been, and where theyre going.

The works, that depict a series of beach, sea and holiday scapes, will transport the viewer from one idyllic locale to another from the Spanish Isle of Mallorca, to the Dolomite Mountain Range of Italy. Summer Seriesprovides some well-deserved libidinous escapism, a chance to be swept away in azure seas and skies, in beautiful bodies of water and women.

‘Summer Series’ will have a socially-distanced opening night on Thursday 1 October, at the Double Bay Clare Gallery Space. Art fans can also watch the opening night highlights from home on Clare Gallery’s Instagram stories – (@clare_gallery_sydney). Five artists will take centre stage on the night, telling a summer/travel narrative through their visuals:

Theo Smallbone’s photography has a life of its own that exemplifies light leaks, graininess and imperfections, which are inherent characteristics of his work. The surprise and unpredictability of his photographs bestows a certain sense of romance.

Raex Murillo’s work captures a subtle balance of voyeurism and reminiscence. Murillo is often found behind the lens capturing scenes in some of the world’s most remote locations from Gili islands of-the-coast of Lombok to Islas Rosario in the Caribbean and all the way to Costa Rica. 

Jordan Abram’s current series titled Allora is shot under the Italian sun in the heat of summer 2018, captures the laidback lifestyle and the effortlessly cool and sun kissed, along the coast of Italy. His series was photographed entirely on film, hand developed and treated with love, just like the Italians treat the spiaggia. 

Jude Cohen is a photographer, creative director and consultant for the hospitality, travel and lifestyle industries. He’s developed countless international campaigns for businesses in Australia, China, Israel and the UK. Jude can often be found with a camera in hand, capturing the sun-baked islands of Capri or tahini-lined street markets of Tel Aviv. 

Ari Pashalis’ appreciation of fashion, film, architecture and photography of the 1960s and 1970s comes across in his photographs, all of which call to mind the romance of eras gone by. Pashalis prefers film to digital as it creates perfect imperfections that digital just can’t replicate.” 

‘Summer Series’ Opens Thursday, October 1, 6pm – 9pm

The exhibition will be on view 10am - 5pm, Monday - Saturday.

View Summer Series Catalogue 

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